Avanti Carp On XS MK2 11m Pole

When my club started hosting fewer and fewer matches on our local River Trent and more and more on nearby commercial fisheries, I had a choice: either leave the match fishing behind our reluctantly join in. Luckily I did the latter!

I’m still not completely converted but I can see the attraction – loads of bites, year round fishing and no cormorants! The problem was, I wasn’t really kitted out for catching carp. And this is where the Carp On Pole Package came in.

Because most of our matches are fished in the evenings, it’s mostly margin fishing. So I wanted something strong, reliable and cheap. To be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting that much but took the plunge and bought my £55 Carp On via Dragon Carp Direct. Boy, how wrong was I?

As well as getting a carbon composite 11m pole, you also get five spare Power Top Twos, which is a great addition and allows me to quickly switch rigs when I need to. I normally have one or two set up for fishing on the deck, another one shallow and I use another as a cupping kit. Like I said, it’s great to have so many options.

I’ve been using mine for the last couple of months and it’s been completely reliable. I’ve even managed to sneak a couple of wins with weights over 60lb – all caught on the Carp On.

The only slight negative thing I can say is that at 11m it can be a tad heavy but because I use mine almost exclusively at around 6m, that’s not an issue. So if you want a no-nonsense, super cheap margin pole – this is the one for you!

Nick Killick

Available from Dragon Carp Direct. CLICK HERE

Avanti Carp On XS MK2 11m Pole