Avanti Isis DriGear Bait & Tackle Carryalls

I heard on the news today that 2012 could well be the wettest year in the UK since records began. No surprise there! Thing is, we can either whine about it from the comfort of our homes, or deal with it. By 'deal with it', I mean dress accordingly and treat our tackle the same.

This is where the Avanti Isis Bait & Tackle Carryalls come in handy.

Avanti is a budget range of fishing tackle and this is their 'top-end' stuff. Therefore, it's still cheap by most standards, but of a pretty good quality.

Avanti Isis DriGear Bait & Tackle CarryallThis particular product is, basically, two waterproof tackle bags that interlock in order to make them easy to carry. You can also carry them separately, if you wish; the top bag has a padded handle and the larger bottom bag has both handles and a shoulder strap.

The bags themselves are made from a tough EVA material, which means they should be 100% waterproof (mine haven't leaked!). The frame of them keeps them box-shaped, but it is important to note that these are bags, not a seatbox!

There are two sizes available and the large size that I have is cavernous, so get the ruler out and judge which size you need for your needs BEFORE you order!

Basically, ANY angler who is sick of his tackle and bait getting soaked! For me, it's an ideal bag to have on a beach or boat, where you don't need rain to get soaked – the waves have a habit of sorting that bit for you! Like any saltwater gear, though, give them a rinse in freshwater when you get home – salt will eat just about any zip ever made!

I can also see them coming in useful for freshwater anglers, whether static or roaming. Personally, I will take the complete set as a dry-store when I'm carp fishing for a few days, whereas I will only need the top section if I'm doing a bit of mobile, or day, fishing. It's just somewhere handy to throw everything to stop it getting soaked; one less thing to worry about.

My only concern would be that I'm not sure if the carry straps would take a really heavy load. I don't want to find out the hard way and, to be honest, try not to carry excessive weights these days, anyway. They may well cope, but straps and fastenings are always my worry with cheaper tackle. Treat these tackle bags right and there's no reason why they should let you down.

The Avanti Isis Bait & Tackle Carryalls retail at £25 for the medium and £30 for the large. A small price to pay for convenience and peace of mind. CLICK HERE to check availability.

Elton Murphy
December, 2012

Avanti Isis DriGear Bait & Tackle Carryalls