Iso Boots

These Avanti Iso boots have become like a pair of slippers – they’re that comfortable.

I was a traditional welly man for years, and then moved to the thick, lined ‘Boom’ boots that roasted your feet and made it impossible to walk (they never gave any ankle support and I went over several times in them).

This modern style of fishing boot is everything you’ll ever need.

They have great grip and a good ankle support – crucial when in muddy or slippy banks when a deep margin can pose a very real life threatening situation.

They are comfort-lined with 3M Thinsulate – the kind you see on gloves and hats, and the uppers are fully waterproof.

I wear mine all year round in all fishing situations that nature tries to throw at me… and I even use them in the garden. A brilliant buy for £20. Available in sizes 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12, and in Carp Kinetics Green.

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Avanti Iso boots