Avanti’s new flagship pole package – Review by Neil Haven

For the past few years I’ve been getting better at club matches and picked up two wins but I knew my gear was stopping me going to that next level.

We’re not a serious bunch of lads – there’s only 12 of us – but when I wasn’t on the waggler or tip, all I had was an 11metre pole with one top kit and a cupping kit.

If it was an out and out pole match I was restricted on length, and if I needed to change the rig, I’d need winders ready and plummed up on my side tray.

I wanted a 16 metre pole with kits but there’s no way I could justify the money as the wife and kids always want a decent holiday, and that’s when I saw this in Angling Times.

The list of options is amazing for the money but I was a bit nervous as I hadn’t actually seen it and didn’t know anyone who had an RSX1000.

In the end, I had another frustrating Sunday match and by 10am Monday morning I’d placed the order. And I haven’t looked back since.

Avanti RSX1000 16m Pole Package

Inside the nice carryall is 16 metres of carbon, an additional Super 4th power section, and five power top 2s. It is a million miles away from what I’d been using.

There’s a match kit with an elastic rating of 12 and the other spares are thicker-walled and run to a rating of 20.

I now have at least three rigs ready to go and a cupping kit – I use the others as spares in case I ever break any.

The walls of the pole seem strong, as do the joints, and at 16 metres I can sit on the butt, rest it on a bump bar, and happily fish. I’m sure there are lighter more responsive poles out there but they don’t cost this money and you don’t get these extras.

For a normal lad like me, fishing small clubbies or just pleasure fishing, the Avanti RSX1000 is a cracker.

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