If there’s one thing that can put you off going fishing quicker than a force nine gale, it’s chronic back pain. I know a number of anglers young and old who suffer badly with back pain and it can have dramatic effect on your fishing, making poles & rods difficult to lift and the carrying of gear an absolute nightmare. As such, any device which can alleviate some of that pain must surly be worth looking at.

Roger Morton from Backsavers contacted me a little while ago to tell us about a range of products they supply designed to give comfortable lower back support which can be worn around the house, but more particularly, outdoors. It was actually a happy angler who had purchased one of their products who suggested he contact Anglers Net. Having received a package in the post, the first thing that surprised me was just how well this item had been designed; very light and simple but very effective, mind you, I’m told that NASA Astronaut’s use the system to eliminate micro-G induced back pain so you’d expect it to be impressive!

The back support promotes good posture which in turn, reverses the back pain cycle. The padded support cradles the lower back and you simply slip a strap over each knee. The design uses reverse pressure on the knees to stabilise the pelvis and promote good posture which in turn relives the stress on your back. This makes it difficult to slouch, again protecting your discs.

As far as fishing is concerned, the device can be worn whilst you sit on a seat box, a chair, or cross legged on the floor. It’s very versatile and I’ve been wearing it at home whilst working at the computer all day. I’ve certainly noticed the difference; it stops me slouching in the chair and gives a much improved posture with no ill-comfort, after a short time you forget you are even wearing it.

Prices start at just £15.00 and there’s a range of products to choose from. For more information and to buy online, visit: http://www.backsavers.co.uk/

Julian Grattidge

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