The Bait Tray from Porthcawl Angling Centre

We'd nearly all love top of the range rods and reels, I'm sure, in the same way that nearly all of us would like to wear Rolex watches and drive around in Ferraris! However, it's not always the expensive things that make our life easy, but the simple ideas that one man or woman has after years of putting up with a problem. The kind of thing you've probably half-thought of your self when fishing…."Now, why doesn't some just make a simple'.

The Bait Tray from Porthcawl Angling Centre is one of those items.

Fitting is simple (it will fit most conventional beach tripods) and consists of your drilling one small hole. Once fitted, it folds and expands as you use the tripod - no need to keep fitting it! And don't worry, it comes with easy fitting instructions, too!!

The Bait Tray from Porthcawl Angling CentreWhen you open your tripod, the Bait Tray forms a tray between the legs of the tripod, which is ideal for not only your bait, but any other item that you may need to have to hand. This makes it particularly useful when fishing in the surf, or on rocks.

I also found the bait tray useful for the simple fact that I usually keep my bait and tackle further up the beach than my tripod, to avoid the necessity to keep moving everything with the tide. No need to anymore.

There's also another handy feature to this Bait Tray, and you'll see it at the bottom of the Porthcawl Angling Centre's description of it at - it adds stability to your tripod!

Priced at just £19.99 (with FREE postage for UK residents), the Bait Tray is money well spent and can be obtained by telephoning Porthcawl Angling Centre on 01656 772404 or by emailing them on

Trade enquiries are also welcome.