BAND-IT Pellet Pump

If you're looking for a no-nonsense pellet pump for creating sinking pellets from your expanders, this £8 offering from BAND-IT is just the ticket.

It's simplicity itself to use; just add your water and pellets, put the lid on, place the pump on top and pump. Once you've created a good vacuum, release the little rubber valve in the top, which allows the air to get back in. This forces the pellets to soak up the water and sink.

There's everything you need here to create perfect pellets, including spare release seals, and the 1.25l capacity is plenty big enough.

BAND-IT Pellet Pump

A handy little tool and, if I'm honest, a lot tougher-made than I expected at this price!

Elton Murphy
January, 2013

Price: £8
Where To Buy: CLICK HERE