In my view, anything that allows you to get to your rods quickly can only be an advantage when it comes to putting more fish on the bank.

It’s always surprised me how much people will spend on bite alarms and indication systems to alert you to every tell tale nudge of the hook bait, but if it then takes you half an hour to put on your boots in the middle of the night when the alarm sounds – what’s the point?

Like many specialist carp anglers, I fish waters where a long-running fish is usually a lost one. As such, it helps to have a system where you can get to your rods as quick as possible in any given situation, day or night.

In the past I’ve tried the sock type slippers, I used them once, slipped on my backside when trying to get to my rods for a take, lost the fish, and promptly threw the slippers away!

Realising that I needed something with better grip, and finding nothing on the market, I ended up making my own. I took an old pair of hiking boots and cut out the backs, allowing me to slip them on and off in seconds.

 Fishrite Bivvy SlippersIt has to be said that they looked comical, and not surprisingly, they’ve been the bain of endless jokes amongst my angling friends. That said, they’ve worked well for a number of years, and when I compare the speed at which I get down to my rods in comparison to my friends who still struggle to get boots on, my method beats them hands down each time, which, ultimately, has meant more fish on the bank.

The downside is that they proved rather cumbersome, taking up valuable space and weight within my holdall and they were a nightmare to clean. So perhaps you can understand my excitement at the launch of these new slippers from Fishrite.  I should point out that the word ‘slipper’ is perhaps a little misleading, for they are very strong, durable, and have a very thick sole. Thus, I fully intend to use them for pretty much all my angling, day and night.

 Also, don’t think of them as a cut-down Wellington – far from it. They have been molded to give superb comfort, with plenty of width across the broad of your foot – and unlike Wellingtons they are extremely comfortable, no matter how long you wear them for.

 The upper is strong yet supple so it won’t cut in, and for extra comfort there’s a removable insole. Most importantly they have excellent grip, so you’ll have no problems when the conditions take a turn for the worse, and after use you can clean them down easily so they go back in the bag clean for the next session.

The Fishrite All Dry Bivi Slippers are finished in olive green and come in sizes; 7/8 – 9/10 – 11/12.

 They retail at £14.99.

For the best deal on this item visit the TrevsTackle website (Any purchases though this link help support Anglers Net). 

November 2002



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