Carp Kinetics Fast Back Chair

I recently decided to invest in a ‘proper’ fishing chair after struggling with my back. I’d always fished from a seatbox but years of bad posture had taken its toll. So I decided to look for something that would give me comfort – as well as being practical and sturdy.

Enter the Supa Size CK Fast Back chair.

As soon as I sat down in it, I thought ‘this is for me’. It was wide, amazingly comfortable and even had arm rests, too. But the really clever thing was the mechanism that enables the user to change the angle of the seat’s back.  Instead of awkward joints that can stiffen up after prolonged use, this chair featured a simple, but very strong, clip on either side that you can alter in an instant. It really is an ingenious device.

Carp Kinetics Fast Back Chair

Add the self-levelling mud feet, adjustable legs, padded back and carry bag that comes with it, and you have perhaps the best-value chair on the market.

I have never been more comfortable on the bank. Seriously recommended!
Price - £60. To order, CLICK HERE