Carp Kinetics Native Waterproof Camo Trek Boots

I've been wearing these CK Native boots for about a week now and, as someone who walks his dog come rain or shine, they've had a pretty good workout for a pair of boots that were really designed to sit still most of the day!

I wasn't quite sure what to expect for just £25, although I'd heard good reports of the cheaper ISO boots from Dragon Carp Direct, so was pleasantly surprised when the package arrived and these boots looked far more expensive that the price tag suggested. It's always hard to judge online, but I'd have snapped these up if I'd have seen them on a shelf in a tackle shop!

These are chunky, extremely well-padded boots and feel warm the second you slip them on. It's worth spending a moment to do the laces up properly. They have a six-hole system in the top half of the boot and will fit really snugly once you've done them up.

The interior is Thinsulate material. I've used a lot of Thinsulate products over the years and always been impressed with not just the warmth, but also the price.

Carp Kinetics Native Waterproof Camo Trek Boots

The sole of these boots features a chunky grip and the boots themselves are 'rubber' up to the ankle area, after which point they are a camo material. The claim is that they are totally waterproof. The bottom certainly is and I haven't had any water get in at all after a week of wearing them in muddy field and ditches. However, I'm always wary of material being totally waterproof over a period of time, as even boots costing well over £100 have failed in this area before, so time will tell. Worst come to the worst, I'll re-proof them. Nikwax do products for that very purpose!

So far, I'm very impressed with these Carp Kinetics boots. As mentioned above, I've been using them on my daily dog-walks, so they've had a pretty good test; far more than if I was sitting on a fishing chair, waiting for a bite. They are warm, comfortable and waterproof, which is about all I require from a pair of fishing boots.

PRICE: £25

Elton Murphy, November 2012