Take a look at this incredible, monster of a common! Landed on Sunday by Solar Tackle fieldtester Clement Pelissier, this colossal carp tipped the scales at 87lb.

Targeting a private lake in central France the Clement traveled from his home outside Lyon in France to the venue for a week-long session, which he’s still on.

Baiting an area with Solar’s TunaMino boilies, micro pellets and particles, all soaked in our Hot Scottish Salmon Oil, Clement presented a TunaMino bottom bait and Secret pop-up snowman style over the top. Following a slow, steady take the fish put up a great fight, staying deep and using its weight.

“I knew it was a big fish when I picked up the rod, explains Clement. “For the slow, heavy fight I knew I was in to something special, and knowing what this particular lake holds, my heart was in my mouth all the way to the net.”
“When the fish broke the surface and came toward the net the size of it was incredible.”

Needless to say, this is a new PB for Clement, and one that’s going to be hard to beat!

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