I’ve said it a million times before: anglers such as Matt Hayes, who are very much in the public eye and have been so for some time, do not remain popular by creating or endorsing naff angling products. Reputations take years to build up and can take moments to wreck. That’s probably why the TFG baits took so long to hit the shelves. It would have been easy to slap a picture of Matt Hayes on a pack of bait and cash in on his personality status, but that never happened. We waited, and The Crunch was born!

Part of The Gear Premium range, The Crunch is a nut flavoured boilie with added hot chillis. There are also matching pellets and pop-ups, as well as a dip.

Nuts, in various guises, have always been good fish baits, way before boilies were widely used and these shelf-life boilies really are the business. The nutty aroma hits you as you open the bag and one thing I really like is that the baits are really ‘bitty’ – they have all sorts in them to make them crunch. Even if the carp in your lake have never seen these baits, you can imagine that it wouldn’t take them long to regard them as a food source – the flavours will appeal to their senses and the crunchiness of the baits will mean that they go down just like snails, a large part of a carp’s ‘normal’ diet.

the_crunch_906667129.jpgIf you’re into using PVA or spods, and like to crumble your baits, then you’ll find these one of the easiest to crush. With some shelf-life boilies, I have to resort to chopping them up with scissors, but this isn’t the case with The Crunch. They break easily, allowing all those flavours to really ooze out and draw fish in.

The pop-ups are of equal quality, too. Although a bit smoother than the boilies, due to the lack of ‘crunchy bits’, they’re packed with flavour and do exactly what they should.

For that extra boost, whether for your hookbait or in your PVA bag, the dip really is worth getting. It’ll certainly help to make your bait stand out from the crowd.

As a complete bait package, The Crunch has it all. If this is the standard of all the TFG baits, then I can see them landing a lot of big fish.

Most people think us anglers are nutty and now, thanks to Matt Hayes, we’ve got the bait to prove it!

The Crunch boilies are available from TackleBargains in 15mm and 20mm sizes. Click here to check out the latest prices and stock availability!

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