Fishrite Zip Sack Weigh Sling Combi (FR111)

Love them or hate them, sacks have become a popular tool for the specimen angler over recent years. The debate will go on about the sacking of fish but to my mind they do have their place – if used sensibly. 

On many occasions I’ve seen someone land a carp, leave it in the landing net for a while before lifting the net and placing onto an unhooking mat, then, once the fish is unhooked they transfer the fish to a weigh sling for weighing, once weighed they again transfer the fish to a sack while they ready camera equipment, then once photographed, the fish goes back into the sling or sack again before being returned! – not so sensible, in that the fish is handled four or five times before going back to the water.  

A nice touch to this Fishrite combination sack / sling is that it performs two tasks at once, thus reducing the amount of handling required – which can only be a good thing. 

It has robust weigh / carry straps stitched to the sack running the full depth of the sack, which Fishrite claim gives the fish ‘maximum support during weighing’, and features a heavy-duty zip and zip retaining clips. 

The sack is a good size giving the fish plenty of room for maneuver and is constructed from airflow material allowing a good flow rate when in the water. My only concern was the depth of the sack when using it as a weigh sling, but having used it to weigh a few decent fish on my last couple of sessions I can report that it’s not a problem. 

The market is flooded with all types of sacks and slings, most of which do the job, however, for me this is certainly one of the better ones, as not only does it mean you don’t have to purchase a sack and sling separately, but the fact that it has robust carry handles means that you can safely lift the fish when placing it into, or taking it out of the water – especially good when you have to negotiate steep banks at the waters edge, which I do on a regular basis. It’s a nice little feature that I have not seen on other sacks. 

Bearing in mind it’s dual-purpose, the retail price of £19.99 seems quite reasonable, and using it as a sack or sling I can find little to fault it. 

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