Fladen Neoprene Boots

Well, winter definitely seems to have hit the UK. I was in Lapland last year and although it was a lot colder than the UK, I do like their 'style' of winter; cold, but pretty dry. Snow, to me, is fun. This UK rain is not.

When fishing, or out in the countryside for other enjoyment, I tend to wear ankle-boot sized shoes usually. I find these offer good protection and comfort and are suitable for the drier months.

However, even though I wear waterproof hiking boots, there are times when you need protection that reaches higher up than just your ankle and this is where the Fladen Neoprene Boot comes into its element, as far as I'm concerned.

Fladen Neoprene BootsThe boots themselves aren't made entirely from neoprene. The bottom half is covered in rubber and the sole itself is also rubber. The neoprene, however, lines the foot part of the boot, so you get the benefit of a nice fitting boot that is both tough on the outside, comfortable and easy to walk in.

The grip is fairly chunky, which is quite important on slippery banks. For me, though, the real bonus of having the neoprene upper is not just that it is warmer than conventional wellies and waterproof, but that it has a fair bit of 'give' in it, meaning that you can wear chunky socks with the boots and, if necessary, slide them over your trouser legs.

I won't write page after page about a pair of boots. Suffice to say that, with a recommended price of just £29.99, the Fladen Neoprene Boots are well worth considering if you're fishing in muddy, rain-soaked areas. And let's face it, who isn't?

Available from all good Fladen stockists and various online outlets.