Fladen Wading Jacket

I'm quite a fan of the Fladen clothing. I don't know if it's the Scandinavian influence in the ranges, but they just seem to do the job they're supposed to do and they do it well. I guess that anglers who experience colder temperatures than the UK simply wouldn't tolerate fishing clothing that wasn't up to the job.

This new wading jacket is well designed and well made. It's not just a jacket that they've labelled as a fishing jacket; it's a genuine, bona fide fishing jacket. There is a difference!

Fladen Wading JacketFirst thing you'll notice is that, being a wading jacket, the pockets are mounted quite high up the jacket, for obvious reasons. This is another one of those jackets that seems to have pockets within pockets, too. The main pockets that you can see from this catalogue shot are actually 3-in-1 pockets; the big flap lifts up, with the rip of a good quality Velcro fastening, and the main pocket s underneath.  Hidden behind that is a handwarmer pocket, which you put your hands in from the side. AND, what you probably can't see from the picture is that each main pocket has a pocket in front of it, with the side-opening being fastened by Velcro. Next to that on each side, near the main central zip, is another pocket with a zip fastening and rubberised cover. Honestly, that would all make sense if you had the jacket in front of you. Suffice to say, this jacket is well endowed in the external pocket department!

Under the main pocket flaps are two clips on stretchy cords. These are for attaching any tools that you don't want to drop in the river, such as a disgorger.

Inside, the back of the jacket is mesh-lined and has just one pocket.

To keep you snug and dry, the Fladen Wading Jacket has a drawstring-style waist cord, cuffs that can be adjusted using the Velcro fasteners and a fixed hood that can be tightened with draw cords. The main zip also has a waterproof cover.

There is a loop on the back for clipping your landing net on.

This isn't a padded jacket, but it is designed to be waterproof, windproof and part of your fishing set-up, rather than simply a jacket. The pockets have been positioned and thought out in such a way that you can carry all the bits you need in them.

It's a well-made jacket and looks good in Khaki and black. A camo version is also available. Obviously, although it's called a wading jacket, you don't have to be wading to wear it! This is the kind of jacket that would especially appeal to any mobile angler, whether freshwater or sea. It would also be worth having in your car for those days when the weather turns in an instant.

It's a mid-priced jacket, not a bargain-basement offering, and that is reflected in the quality, too.

Available from all good Fladen stockists, or from Amazon UK by CLICKING HERE. Selling price on there at the time of writing is £65.59 for the Khaki jacket.

Elton Murphy, November 2012