Gardner Skorpion Throwing Stick

I have to admit, I’m not too hot when it comes to using a throwing stick; most of the boilies which are intended for faraway targets tend to either hit me, or end up within about 6’ of where I’m standing! However, I thought I’d try and get to grips with a stick as I’m intending to fish a lake in an area I’ll never reach with a catapult….

I opted for the Gardner ‘Skorpion’ thrower, rated for use with baits up to 22mm. It looks fairly compact, but with enough ‘oomph’ to fire baits beyond catty range. Many of the sticks currently on the market seem to be made of lower grade plastic which tends to twist as the bait travels up the tubing; this results in inaccuracy and can result in the stick becoming deformed. The Skorpion is constructed of top grade PVC which will not expand or go soft in the heat of summer sessions and ensures that it remains light but strong enough to deal with extreme range baiting, without any risk of missing the target.

Gardner Skorpion Throwing StickThe stick has a pronounced curve to give extra speed to the boilie as it exits. This allows centrifugal and acceleration forces to be imparted directly to the bait to make it fly further and maintain straight line direction when fired out by the user. A good sized, comfortable non-slip grip helps prevent the Skorpion slipping out of the anglers hand when in use.

As I mentioned earlier, throwing sticks are not really my area of expertise, so a bit of practice was required before I really started dropping boilies where I intended. After a while, I found it fairly easy to put 7 out of 10 baits within the area I wanted at just over 100yards. Properly air dried baits fared better than softer boilies and any surface inconsistencies made the bait fly off target and the wind also caused some deflections; not the fault of the Skorpion.

Overall, if you are a throwing stick, then the Skorpion could be just what you need to bait that far off margin or island shelf and I have no hesitation in stating that it has earned a place in my tackle bag. I may need more practice, but the Skorpion is here to stay!

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Clint Walker © Jan 2011

Gardner Skorpion Throwing Stick