Haiths Seed Merchant

Reader Review by Mathew Woods

This birdseed merchant has extended its range by adding a Supercatch section for general coarse fishing and carp fishing. The collection of nuts, pulses, seeds and grains are enough to get all fishermen drooling especially considering the price.

The company, famous for Robin Red, has emerged into a real force in the fishing world with its various beans, kernels and flakes, and the choice in front of the angler on their very accessible webpage is terrific.

They have also created the SuperRed boilie in 20mm and this certainly looks the business as its main ingredient is that consistent catcher Robin Red once again.

Haiths also provide a great range of pellets for all kinds of fisherman to go for.

Delivery usually takes 3 days although next day delivery can be granted at a little extra cost. Recommendations include the Carpticle seed blend and Haith’s crushed hemp, all of which come in handy sacks that keep the particles dry stopping premature fermenting. Orders can be made in weights from 500g to 25 kilos so there is a choice for everyone at Haith’s.

The coarse fishing range is also spoken highly of by many bream fishermen who swear by their groundbait made especially for the species. Beyond the already renowned Robin Red extract, the price is great and the service from Haith’s is even better.

On top of that, the webpage has a wonderful interface and should be checked out by all keen particle fishermen.
Check it out now at http://www.Haiths.com/

Mathew Woods

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