JRC Superlight Bedchair

JRC claim that this is the lightest full-size bedchair available. At just 5.8kilos I can well believe it!

But does this lightness come at the expense of comfort? As a back sufferer this is very important as far as I’m concerned. However, unlike some others I’ve tried, I’m pleased to report that the Superlight allowed me to get an excellent night’s sleep.

This is partly due to the frame being a full 29"wide and it being completely covered by the mattress • so no more cold metal to touch!

JRC Superlight BedchairThe foot end of the mattress is covered with a wipe-clean material, and the two pairs of legs are welded and braced for extra strength, making the Superlight suitable for anyone up to 15 stones.

The only niggle I have is that the adjustment knobs for the backrest can be completely unscrewed, which would be awkward if they rolled into the water! This could easily be fixed with a wing nut each side.

Apart from the lightness the other great plus is the low price • only £149.99 or even less if you shop around! JRC deservedly have a large share of the bedchair market, and I can foresee the Superlight being one of the top-selling models this year.

Copyright Steve Burke, July 2001.

Please note: price of this model now only £99.95!