If you’re looking for a rig box that is practical, well thought out and, dare I say it, ‘fashionable’, then the Korda Rig Safe may well fit the bill.

The case measures approximately 34cm in length and folds open to reveal two sections, one with two bars and one with one bar. Both sides have a good quality hard foam ‘pin board’ and the side with one bar also has three small storage boxes, which are just perfect for the pins (which came supplied), swivels, boilie stops and the like.

With your hooks hooked over the bar and the other end of your rig pinned down, not only can you keep your rigs neat, organised and tangle free, but you’ll also be ensuring that mono rigs don’t tangle.

The box itself is made from tough ABS plastic, is coloured the obligatory dark green that carp anglers love so much, has sturdy fasteners and features a ruler on the top. Years ago, tackle boxes and the like often featured a ruler, but they kind of went out of fashion for a while. I’m not sure why – having a way of measuring your rigs and certain parts of your fish is extremely handy, especially if you’re trying to keep a record of what worked and didn’t work on certain days. Your choice of rig set up can be just as important as the bait used and the weather, so take a notepad and jot it all down.

Priced at £14.99, the Korda Rig Safe is a handy piece of kit that should last you forever. You’d have to try pretty hard to break it.

This Korda Rig safe came from www.Fishing-Direct.com, but you can find them at most decent carp fishing tackle outlets. For more information on the entire Korda Developments range, visit www.korda.co.uk

Korda Rig Safe – Open

Hooks Hooked Around The Bar

Three Small Storage Boxes (With Pins)

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