Matsuku Rotorblade 5000 Fishing Reel Range

I recently took on a challenge for Dragon Carp… catch a load of commons and mirrors on budget gear and prove that price doesn’t always make a difference.

So off I trundled to the store refusing to buy top end gear and concentrating on items that sold in numbers, the kind of tackle normal people can afford.

A matching pair of Matsuku Rotorblades were on my list – I selected the £10 versions but they also come in ‘posh’ £15 versions and even Platinum for £20.

Matsuku Rotorblade reel

And what a performance they put in for the money helping me catch a string of carp to £20 – the front drag giving line on demand and the freespool mechanism working to perfection.

The reels are fairly fast too, a 4:9:1 ratio, and you could use them for all big fish requirement as well as spinning.

If you want to see just how good my Titanium Rotorblades were, check out this film:

Richard Lee, July 2013

To view these reels online and to buy, please CLICK HERE