NASH ‘Bagmaster’ Rapid PVA Bags

PVA has, in some ways, revolutionised bait presentation for anglers. I’m a big fan of PVA mesh, but I’ve never been a big user of solid bags. I know mesh breaks down to give very little residue, but I’ve heard horror stories about solid bags being retrieved hours later as a glutinous mess around the hook.

Nash End Game PVANASH Tackle have produced a shaped, drawstring bag with extra perforations to help it sink. The drawstring is a great idea, no more messing with PVA tape or string or licking the bag to ensure the bait stays put! The bags are conical in shape, and come in various sizes; I tested the size 3 bags which are 12x21cms in dimension. They come in packs of 10, supplied in NASH ENDGAME packaging that makes them instantly recognisable on the shelf. Each set of bags also comes within a polythene bag to keep them dry on the bank and prevent them sticking to anything else in the tackle box at the first sign of damp.

Breakdown rate was phenomenal. 15 seconds after being dropped into my test tank, the PVA had ruptured and started to deposit the bait in a tidy pile. The size of the bag means that a substantial handful of pellets, boilies or other loose feed can be used when introducing bait into the swim. After around 45 seconds, the PVA had disappeared completely to leave the bait clean on the bottom. With this speedy breakdown rate, it may be an idea to place a stone or your lead in the bag to make sure it hits the bottom fast enough!

PVA bag breaking down

NASH have a great reputation for innovative problem solving; these PVA bags certainly solve most of the dilemmas faced by an angler when it comes to putting bait into weeds, reeds or hitting a spot at distance. With a super fast breakdown and lots of capacity, they are sure to be a winner in any anglers armoury.

Clint Walker Oct 2009