Nash Indulgence Wideboy Bedchair

Since Nash Tackle rocked the world of bivvy slumber with the introduction of their Indulgence range of bedchairs and reclining chairs, there really hasn’t been any other competition for bankside comfort.

The range of sumptuous angler support have already achieved an almost cult status within the carp angling community. With such acclaim already bestowed upon them, you might wonder how a product like the MK4 4-leg Indulgence Bedchair could be improved and to be honest, I really thought I was in sleep heaven with mine.

Nash Indulgence Wideboy BedchairNot being a company to rest on their laurels, Nash Tackle have been back to the drawing board and come up with yet another radical and contemporary product to further enhance their range and once again, bring another first to the market place for the benefit of the angler.

The Indulgence Wideboy bedchair was born from a need to ease the pains of a session angler, robustly built (like myself!) or simply the diminutive couple! This behemoth of a bed is a full 7" wider than their MK4 Indulgence and having been chosen to trial this baby because of my portly nature, I can only bestow the highest praise on the product.

Gone are the days where the adjustment wheels knock your arms if you lie on your back, It is truly a blessing to have such bankside comfort even if it does take up that little extra space in the bivvy, barrow and car which I know is a consideration for anglers.

On a personal note, if I can get a good night’s sleep, then increased weight and a bit more space taken up is a small price to pay. The price for this opulent luxury is £219.99 which is not a lot if you break it down to the number of great nights' sleep it provides. The build quality of this bedchair is the same as the now legendary MK4 indulgence with the same trigger lock leg adjustment, extra wide mud feet, removable mattress and integral pillow and the whole bedchair frame is braced to stop that unwanted flexing and bending.

If comfort is your god, then your prayers have been answered in the shape of the Indulgence Wideboy and sleep has never been so good.

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To buy the Nash Indulgence Wideboy Bedchair online, and maybe even get a discount, please click here.

Nash indulgence Bedchair
Removable pillow on the Nash Indulgence Wideboy Bedchair

To buy the Nash Indulgence Wideboy Bedchair online, and maybe even get a discount, please click here.