Nash End Game Flat Pear Leads

Some might say a lead is a lead, and that you’d be daft to pay more for one just because it has a name on it. To an extent, I’d agree – especially when you see how much some people are asking - but thankfully it would appear Nash Tackle has taken a more sensible approach.

As anglers themselves, the team at Nash are well aware of how many leads it’s possible to get through in a season, and as such, have manufactured a simple but effective lead at a reasonable price; £1.99 a pair, and when you consider that other brands are asking as much as £1.20 for just one, then I’m sure you will agree it’s good value.

Of course you can get cheaper leads, I’d be a fool to say otherwise, but just because you can pick up unbranded products for less does not always mean you’re getting a bargain. Those who know me will testify that I begrudge paying out for no good reason, as I can ill-afford to splash out at the best of times, but there are certain items of tackle that I’ve found it always pays to spend a few extra pence on, and leads, along with hooks and line, are definitely one such item.

I’ve purchased cheap leads in the past, of course I have, but I got sick of the swivels collapsing, or the lead ring pulling free on the cast, when snagged, or worse still, coming out before you’ve even attached the lead to your safety clip! Since I started spending a bit more on leads I’ve certainly cut down the amount I get through in a year, and you can’t really ask for more than that.

As for purpose, the Nash Pear leads are just the job when you are faced with margins that drop away, bars and shelves, or any other instance where you want it to hold bottom and not roll away taking your rig with it. The Nash Pear is a good all-rounder and I use it for perhaps 70-80% of my fishing.

Nash Pears come in six sizes; 1.1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4oz, and each set comes in a plastic tube with foam inserts. I use various sizes and all have performed perfectly.

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