Kevin Nash Venom Carp Rods

If you're looking for a mid-priced carp rod that look as good as it performs, then Kevin Nash may well have come up with the perfect answer; the Venom.

The first thing that struck me when these rods arrived was just how light they were. Taking one of them out of the supplied rodbag showed why – these are seriously slim blanks! To give you an idea of just how thin, I've photographed the butt of one next to my finger. Now, whilst I'm not exactly catwalk material, I am by no means of Sumo-proportion. Trust me, these are slim! It's the first thing others have mentioned when I've shown them the rods, too.

The matt finish is a break from the norm, too, giving them quite a 'hardcore' look. Very nice. I used to go to quite a few custom car shows in my youth and always liked examples where the owner had stripped away all the unnecessary bling and left a basic vehicle that looked like it meant business. This is what Nashy has done here; the Venom rods definitely mean business! The only bling remaining is the polished reel seat. Even the silicone carbide rings and line clip look menacing. The back-clip which prevents rods being dragged off the rest during fast takes is also a nice touch; one that I hope I'll need on more than one occasion!

The Reel Seat Offer The Only Real Bling On These Rods!

Even The Line Clip Oozes Style!

I must admit to be a bit apprehensive taking my trusty 3lb hand-built rods out of my rod holdall, breaking them down and replacing them with the 2.75lb Venom rods. So apprehensive, in fact, that I even packed my 3lb rods in the van at one point, “just in case”. I eventually decided that I was just being was time to let go and trust Nash!

As it was, I needn't have worried. I was actually amazed at how comfortable the rods felt in the hand, casting to my marker float. I half expected to miss by a mile! However, I was surprisingly accurate (I wish that I could say the same about my subsequent use of a catapult, but that's another story!).

I'd love to say that I banked fish after fish on my first outing with the Venom's, but fishing in pouring down rain in a cold February rarely is the best way to experience carp action on a specimen water, although one boilie-loving pike did give me the opportunity to feel what they were like in action.

Whilst having the power to punch out a baited rig a long way with good accuracy, the rods are fairly forgiving in their action. They'd be equally as comfortable playing a fish at range, as they would under the rod-tip. They'd definitely soak up the last desperate attempts of an 'about-to-be-netted' big carp in relatively competent hands.

In summary, I think Nashy has hit the mark with these rods. They look good, they perform well and they compare well, pricewise, against offerings from other companies.

RRP is £129.99 for the rod I used, but you should be able to pick them up for around £100 a piece if you shop around, especially if you're buying a set of three or four rods.

The complete range is as follows. Priced quoted are Recommended Retail Prices:
T1905 Venom 12' 2 1/2lb £129.99/€200.00
T1900 Venom 12' 2 3/4lb £129.99/€200.00
T1901 Venom 12' 3lb £129.99/€200.00
T1902 Venom 12' 3 1/2lb £129.99/€200.00
T1903 Venom 13' 3 1/2lb £139.99/€210.00
T1904 Venom 12' 4lb Spod £129.99/€200.00

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I'll be updating this review as I use these rods more, so please check back.

Elton Murphy

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