Nash ZT Sub 20 Jacket

The team at Nash have been busily working away behind the scenes to bring us yet more innovative product lines for 2012, and one area where it really shows is in their clothing, with a number of new items now available in the impressive new ZT (Zero Tolerance) range.

In this piece (and in light of the current weather conditions as I look out of the window!), we’ll take a look at the new Nash ZT Sub 20 Jacket; a very impressive piece of kit that’s sure to keep you warm, snug and totally windproof in even the harshest of conditions.

The first thing you need any outer garment to be is waterproof. Many items make such claims, but it’s often the case that once put through a season or two of serious hammer, they soon start to show signs of leakage. Nash proudly tell us that the jacket has a Hydrostatic Head in excess of 5000mm, which is basically a measure of how waterproof it is. In essence, to measure the hydrostatic head of a fabric a column of water is forced against it. The height of the column of water is then increased until the point it penetrates the fabric. To be classed as waterproof, a fabric must be able to withstand a water column of 1000mm, and as you can see, the Nash ZT Sub 20 Jacket is rated at over 5000mm, so pretty impressive stuff.

Nash ZT Sub 20 JacketThe jacket itself is manufactured to the highest levels, and has all the usual features you would expect for a garment in this price range; fully taped seams; four external zipped pockets (two of which are fleece-lined), inside zipped pocket, elasticated and adjustable cuffs, elasticated and adjustable waist, heavy duty main zip with storm flap, and a fleece lined hood with stiffened peak.

Made from quality Tasford Oxford Nylon, the jacket is robust, wind proof, and perhaps most importantly, is built to last, helping to keep Mother Nature at bay for years to come! It’s clear to see that quite a lot of thought has gone into the jacket, and Nash tell us it is based on Kevin Nash’s legendary ZT duck-down jacket, although obviously this new version features the very latest gadgetry and fabric technology.

A really nice touch with Nash ZT Sub 20 Jacket is that the sleeves can be detached to create a bodywarmer, so you’re effectively getting two garments in one. Personally, as an angler who likes to travel light, I think this is a fantastic idea. As part of a layering system I always have a range of garments in the car to cover all eventualities and this option means you could probably do away with some of layers, as I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been too hot for a full coat, yet a bit cold if I go down to a hoody. This way you could strip down the sleeves to regulate body temperature, or of course just give yourself more room for manoeuvre. I can see it being particularly advantageous for when I’m roaming or stalking during the cooler parts of spring or autumn...

To be honest, I also like the understated look. Many garments out there at the moment seem to be as much about pushing the brand as they are about doing the actual job in hand, which to my mind can never be a good thing, but the ZT Sub 20 offers discreet branding on the sleeve and upper chest, and does away with all the fancy stuff. A quality finish fit for the purpose. Nice work.

Available now in sizes from Medium to 3XL, priced at £159.99. CLICK HERE for more information.

Julian Grattidge
January 2012