SBS Corn Steep Liquor Pellets & Corn Steep Liquor

Corn Steep Liquor pellets must be one of the widest used pellets for modern day carp fishing. You can get ‘bog-standard' CSL pellets quite cheaply from many different sources but I've found it always pays to use CSL pellets purposefully designed for carp fishing as they offer those added extras that can make all the difference. I've had a good look at these pellets on offer from SBS and I have to say, I'm quite impressed.

They are just what the doctor ordered; manufactured using 100% CSL meal with the added benefit of additional betaine, essential aminos, and a whole host of vitamins and minerals, excellent for providing an attractive food source for the carp.

The pellets are designed to bubble and fizz as soon as they hit the water, and have a total breakdown time of around twenty minutes; ensuring a quick release of high attract food signals. In the past I've used CSL pellets in many different ways, either as free bait which can be catapulted over your target area, crumbed and blended to use as a bag or stick mix, or powdered down a little to use as a method mix or paste. Quite often I will soak some pellets for a few minutes until they begin to break down, and the mould around the lead to give a mini-method approach - I've found this approach to be deadly when mixed with a handful of sweetcorn or maize using maize or imitation corn as hook bait.

Of course you can just as easily chuck the pellets in a PVA bag and cast to the sky - the choice is yours! The real bonus with this combo deal from Trevs is that you get 500ml bottle of the SBS Corn Steep Liquor (liquid) to go with the pellets, which again gives you loads of options. You can add the liquid additive to your CSL method mix or paste, or fill a PVA bag full of pellets and then top up with liquid before tying off and casting out. Perfect!

TrevsTackle are doing an exclusive combination deal at the time of publishing, offering 5 kilos of SBS Corn Steep Liquor Pellets and 500ml Corn Steep Liquor all for just £9.99 - A real bargain!

And it's worth remembering that any products purchased via Trevs help support Anglers Net.

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