SealSkinz Gloves & Socks

The SealSkinz range of products, from what I’ve seen, are an absolutely perfect range of products for anglers! I have been fortunate enough to test the gloves and socks and, like anything tested on Anglers’ Net, they were used in real circumstances in order to see if they were up to the job.

As you can see from the pictures here, I wanted to know if the SealSkinz gloves were really waterproof, rather than just damp-proof! I’m pleased to say that they passed the extremely scientific ‘sticking your hand in the sea’ test with flying colours. The water stayed on the outside, where it should be!

Sealskinz Gloves

So, we know they’re waterproof, but how good are they as ‘normal’ gloves? Well, the Thermolite lining provides adequate warmth for most situations, although SealSkinz do recommend the use of their thermal liner for really cold conditions.

What I really like about the SealSkinz gloves is that they are thin and don’t hinder you when going about your usual activities. The outer glove is a nylon and lycra affair, meaning that they fit snugly. Also, the grip ‘bubbles’ on them make the SealSkinz a really useful pair of gloves.

The SealSkinz socks share the same technology and will be a great asset to many anglers. I often like to wear trainers when fishing, as the offer both comfort and grip. However, I’ve been caught out a few times by rain in the past and the SealSkinz socks will now ensure that I’ll stay dry…even if my shoes don’t!

SealSkinz gloves are available online for £22.49 and the socks range between £19.99 and £29.99. Check out the SealSkinz site for more details -
They would make the ideal gift for an angler this Christmas.

Tight lines,

November 2002

Sealskinz Gloves