Snowbee Cooler Box

Are you like me and fed up with cool bags falling apart? I seem to buy one every other year, and I’ve yet to find one that lasts any longer before the plastic inside wears out. Yes, picnic boxes are certainly robust, but normally just too big and cumbersome for carrying bait very far.

However, I’ve at last found the answer. It’s not a bag but a box, but unlike big picnic type cool boxes the Snowbee is a perfect size for bait. As you can see from the picture it takes 1 large and 1 medium bait box plus a couple of freezer packs. Alternatively, it’ll take plenty of deadbaits when I’m piking or masses of boilies. Being solid it’s also easy to clean.

It’s extremely robust with a strong fold down handle and comfortable shoulder strap. Indeed, I’ve had mine almost a year and it’s still in such good condition it could almost go in a tackle shop window!

I’m not normally swayed by looks, but I have to say that I like the styling – top marks to the designers here.

In fact, so pleased am I with the Snowbee Box I reckon it’s the best bit of new kit I got last year. It’s completely solved the problem of keeping my bait fresh and easily transported.

Snowbee gear isn’t always easy to find, but this excellent product is available from any Shakespeare dealer. At an RRP of £25 I heartily recommend it.

Steve Burke
Copyright Steve Burke 2002.