Taska Baseline Tungsten Kwick Change Sinkers

Most seasoned specimen anglers will be more then familiar with rig putty; it’s an absolute must for weighing down hooklinks and leaders which would otherwise loop up off the bottom, increasing the chances of spooking the fish.

It’s value is undeniable, but it does have its drawbacks – it’s fiddly, often messy, and depending on the weather, can be difficult to warm up and mould – and then there’s the storage; after the session do you leave it on the hooklink in your rig case or remove it? If you leave it on you risk finding it glued to your foam board when you next open up your rig case, but if you remove it you have the hassle of working out just the right amount next time out to do the same job all over agin…headache!

Thankfully, Taska have come up with the perfect solution – easy to use clip on tungsten sinkers which you can add to hooklinks, leaders or mainline. Using them could not be easier; you just pinch them onto your line and away you go – job done. At the end of the session you just release them and put them back in the pack – hallelujah! 

Taska Baseline Tungsten Kwick Change Sinkers

We’ve used a few other similar types over the last year, but what we like about these is that they clip on and off at any point, so they’re not stuck to one rig like many of the bead type tungsten products which need to be slid on before you attach a swivel or quick link, and thus one pack of these will last you for ages!

The sinkers are soft to the touch so won’t damage your hooklinks, and they are available in four sizes; AAA-0.8g, AB-0.6g, BB-0.4g, No.1-0.3g. Our advice would be to get a pack of each so you’ve always got the perfect size to anchor a pop up, weight a link, or critically balance a rig.

From: Dragon Carp Direct – CLICK HERE
Cost: £2.85