Thinsulate Fingerless Mitts

I must admit that I’m not a big fan of wearing gloves when winter fishing. Most I’ve tried have been extremely cumbersome and the benefits of wearing them to retain warmth are quickly lost as I find myself constantly removing them in order to complete tasks in and around the bivvy. In the end I usually just ditch the gloves and keep my hands warm in my pockets!

I spotted the Fingerless Mitts from Mean & Green some time ago but had not bothered investing as I presumed they’d be just like the rest; too heavy and too bulky. However, after being asked for a few gift ideas when last winter was just around the corner, I decided I needed to get back on the hunt for a decent pair so put some on my list - I’m SO glad I did!

For my style of fishing these gloves are perfect. They weigh next to nothing, have no cumbersome fingers or padding, yet have a fantastic thermal lining that really works well to retain the heat – even in the coldest of conditions. I live just on the edge of the Peak District high up in the Staffordshire Moorlands – a stones throw from that village you see on the news every winter that has the deepest snow in the country! So it goes without saying that we get the harsh weather sooner and are stuck with it for longer. Thus the gloves were hardly off my hands last winter; taking the kids to school in the mornings when it was minus 15, checking on the lakes each day (which remained frozen for almost eight weeks) and then fishing every week after the thaw until we were well into spring. They had a baptism of fire and performed admirably. No matter what the task in hand I Was able to perform it unhindered by the fact I was wearing my gloves.

Thinsulate Fingerless MittsWhere they really come into their own was breaking down my tackle in the mornings. As I’m only able to fish mid week overnighters, I don’t have the luxury of being able to wait for the temperatures to rise before packing up. When the alarm goes at 6.45am, I have 15 minutes to have a brew, and then its time to pack up, irrespective of what’s going on outside the bivvy. I’ve woken through the last winter to find snow, slush, frost and goodness knows what else, and the gloves have really helped as I’ve been able to quickly break down all my freezing cold tackle without getting frostbite! The gloves allow excellent movement meaning I can be extremely nimble even when breaking down delicate rig components.

These gloves are absolutely top draw and I would recommend them in a heartbeat to anybody like me who likes to travel and fish light – they’ve been one of the best additions to my winter kit in years and I’m so glad I found them!

Even better is the price; at the time of writing they are priced at just £3.95 from Mean & Green (CLICK HERE) - the best buy you’ll make this winter! I’d happily have paid that every week for the difference they’ve made to my winter fishing!

Julian Grattidge
October 2011