The Waitaha Mini Cord Wallet

At any time of the year, you can be pretty sure that anglers have a very distinct chance of coming into contact with water. At this time of year, it's a dead certainty! 

I have reviewed Aquapac products before and even demonstrated them to fellow anglers on the bank. I'm a fan of this range of products and don't mind saying so. I don't just use them for fishing, either – they accompany me all over the world, whether it's the 30 mile car journey to work (I have to walk the dog at lunchtime and often get a soaking!), or a 10 hour plane flight around the world (they keep sand out, as well as water!). 

The Mini Cord Wallet from the Waitaha range is a really handy size. As you'll see from the photos, I can get my phone and car keys in it and still have a bit of room left for pocket money. The wallet can then either be placed in with the rest of your tackle, or you can make use of the neckcord supplied. The pouch itself is padded, so it's actually comfortable, too. 

Another bonus about the Mini Cord Wallet is that it floats! I've tested this and it's no false claim. I've known quite a few anglers who have leant over to return a fish, forgetting that they had just put their phone in their top pocket. The result is inevitable – one useless phone that probably isn't covered by the manufacturer's guarantee for that kind of accident! 

So, if you want to protect your valuables whilst fishing, and at other times, too, take time to visit the Aquapac website. The Mini Cord Wallet is just £12.99 and should give you years of service (and peace of mind). Aquapac also provide a vast range of specialist waterproof carriers, so even if this wallet isn't suitable for what you've got in mind, they're bound to have something that is.

Aquapac's website can be seen at

Elton Murphy

October, 2002