How Will Wind Affect My Carp Fishing?

Hi, I hear loads of different things about the wind while carp fishing. So when I do go, I don't know whether to fish into the wind or not. I would be grateful if you could help me with this. Thanks, Ben Richardson

Dr. Gaffer replies:

When the wind blows the top layer of water towards a bank the water hits the bank, sinks and comes back on itself in the opposite direction.

With this in mind the Carp in the winter are likely to be on the end of a warmer wind and on the back of colder one. This is because during the winter the Carp would want to be in the warmer water and so would be on the back of the wind, not on the end of the wind where the water has been cooled by the wind that was blowing it.

During the warm summer months the Carp are likely to be on the end of the wind regardless of whether the wind is warm or cool. This is because in the summer any disturbance that the water makes against the bank would oxygenate the water. Also any food items that maybe on the surface of the water like dead bugs, etc, would be pushed to the bank, sink and be readily available for them to eat.

The problems come with changes in the wind direction and temperature. On some waters the Carp are likely to change with a new wind, on other waters the Carp are likely to stay on an old wind for a number of days before moving.

Constant monitoring of the catches or sightings, wind direction and temperature on your water would give you the exact answers you are looking for, but following the general rule of thumb, as I’ve described above, should get you onto the Carp.

Tight lines,