Catching Up With The Carp Society

It's been a while since we heard from the Carp Society, so I asked Ian Welch for an update to let Anglers' Net readers know what they've been up to - Ed.

Centre of Excellence at Horseshoe Lake


Welcome to the new ‘Centre of Excellence’ at Horseshoe Lake. This is an auspicious moment in the Society’s history bringing to fruition hopes and dreams held since inception in 1992 when Horseshoe Lake was purchased with money raised by the sale of long term permits.

From 2003, permit options were sold first as a seasonal and now as an annual permit alongside 24 hour tickets. This, along with the commercial success of the Winter Show, has enabled the Society to embark on a new era of financial stability making it possible to bring into reality today the concept of Horseshoe Lake as a ‘Centre of Excellence’.

Horseshoe has long been renowned for the quality of its fish and fishing. Matt Hayes, the Society President, frequently refers to Horseshoe as ‘the theatre of dreams’…

The Lodge comprises a spacious clubroom, full professional catering facilities, administration offices and a retail outlet. The retail side will feature a ‘try before you buy’ rod purchasing swim and the large outdoor area adjacent to the Lodge will be used for feature weekends promoting a wide range of products such as specialist bivvy displays. The ‘Centre of Excellence’ tag will be maintained throughout the selection of retail goods on offer.

In Spring 2007 the retail outlet will be expanded to include space on the upper floor.

The Lodge will be used for the majority of Society events and presentations, and will be available to the trade for hire for promotions or meetings. It is already attracting attention from key trade suppliers for those purposes.

The development of the Fishing Lodge provides excellent facilities for the visitor, member and the trade alike.


This watershed moment in Society history is marked by the launching of a new branding identity. The angling tradition is maintained through a woodcut image of a carp, presented in a variety of ways as can be seen from the image below. The image is easy to reproduce on a wide range of clothing and promotional goods.

Design is by Riverhorse, a leading design company based in south east London.

Riverhorse Studio
0207 378 7844


The Carp Society is pleased to announce a new sponsorship arrangement with perhaps the country’s leading specialist bait company, Dynamite Baits.

A 5-year deal has been signed, closely linking Dynamite Baits and the ‘Centre of Excellence’ at Horseshoe Lake.

Pete Chandler, Sales Director of Dynamite Baits comments

“Dynamite Baits is very proud to be linked with The Carp Society’s Horseshoe Lake complex. It is unquestionably one of, if not THE most functional and most beautiful complexes in the country. The superb new building and outstanding facilities it offers will allow Dynamite to hold all manner of promotional functions, open days and tuition sessions with our sponsored anglers, which in turn will allow us to support and host junior events to encourage more people to get into fishing.

“Horseshoe’s complex is all about the fishing experience, and until you see it and experience the prolific fishing on offer you’ll never be able to fully appreciate it. We are really looking forward to working with and supporting this fantastic complex.”

David Mannall, Commercial Director of The Carp Society “We are thrilled that this major company has recognised that the Carp Society can provide the high level of professionalism required to compliment their leading position in the angling world. This will be a very active relationship so watch out for future events and activities for anglers to enjoy.”

The new Lodge will be available to the Angling trade to hire for promotions, product launches and sales meetings.

Our new clubroom has seating for 50 at bistro-style tables and chairs with state-of-the-art 50” plasma screen for Powerpoint presentations.

Full catering kitchen is equipped to cater for at least 50 people

Large flat grassed area surrounds the venue for bivvy or other displays. Dedicated try-before-you-buy swim for demonstrating rods and reels.

Easy access plenty of parking space.

Beautiful venue with excellent facilities at one of the country’s most prestigious lakes.




Society’s Premier Water and Head Office location.

Horseshoe Lake is situated in the Cotswolds just outside the village of Lechlade, near to Swindon and Burford on the Gloucester/Wiltshire border.

Purchased by the Society in 1993 and consisting of 62 acres, the fishing at this ex-ARC worked gravel pit is now one of the finest carp waters in the country. The lake consists of two main 'arms' or 'bays' known as Summer Bay and Winter Bay. Depths vary from an average of 4ft in Summer Bay to an average of around 11ft in Winter Bay.

Our new 'Centre of Excellence' is now completed and open to all anglers, providing a Clubroom, full catering facilities for events, a retail angling shop, (Horseshoe Specialist Tackle), modern toilet and shower facilities inside and out, including facilities for the disabled angler.

Please note that we have a number of swims which can be reserved for disabled/ wheelchair anglers.

PERMIT OPTIONS (current prices until June 2007)
All our permits are available to Carp Society Members only.
Now annual from 16 June 2006

24 hour Tickets (commencing/finishing at 12 noon)
(available 12 months of the year)
£15.00 (inclusive of VAT) per session

Once a member has purchased thirty 24 hour sessions during the period he/she will automatically qualify for an annual permit with unlimited access until the end of the period.

Day Tickets (9am to 5pm)
£10.00 per day.

Numbers may be limited at the discretion of the Manager according to the conditions prevailing and taking into account the number of anglers already at the lake. As such it would be wise to telephone the office during peak holiday periods.

Annual permit
£425.00 (inclusive of VAT)
Entitles the holder to unlimited access during the year.
The number of annual permits will be limited.

Fish Stocks:
Fish stocks are approximately......
Known 30lb plus - at least 50
Known 25lb plus - 100 plus
Mid doubles to low twenties - running into several hundred.
An overall average weight would be around 18 to 20lb

The current lake record stands at 42lb 13oz.

The Horseshoe strain is well renowned for its outstanding scale patterns and colouration. In order to secure future stocks of these fabulous looking fish we are growing on over 2000 fish in our stock ponds at Horseshoe. These will be stocked throughout the Carp Society waters in a few years’ time and will ensure future anglers wi
ll enjoy these wonderful looking fish.

As part of our agreement with Dynamite Baits, all the stock are to be supplied with Dynamite Baits carp and trout pellets

Horseshoe Carp are renowned for their quality and striking colour variations.

Alongside the carp swim huge fish of all species. Bream in excess of 14lbs, tench in the 6-9lb bracket are now common, and they go to over 12lb. Roach recorded at 3lb with large catches of fish 1-2lb are there for those that want them, beautiful rudd with 2lb fish recorded every year and a 3lb fish always a possibility. Winter though good for carp angling is also popular for pike into the high 20s, along with perch to 4lb.

Located within the Cotswold Water Park, near South Cerney in Gloucestershire, Lake 61 is a tranquil setting consisting of two lakes. The largest, at 32 acres, was stocked by the Society as a carp fishery. In excess of 650 fish were introduced before the lake opened in 1997. The lake is now regularly producing 30lb commons, along with mirrors to 29lb. Winter fishing is spiced up by a liberal amount of double-figure pike.

New Lake record set at 36lb 6oz common in September 2006 and a mirror at 29lb 4oz in April 2005.

The smaller 2 acre lake contains tench and a few rudd.

There is easy access to all swims, good car parking and there are toilets at the site.

Access by road is extremely easy. The lake is approximately 1½ miles west of the A419, Cotswold Water Park turnoff. The A419 is the main road linking Gloucester and Swindon.

All our permit options are available to Carp Society members only.

Historically, 200 ten-year permits were sold in 1997 and expire in March 2007. These are traded between the members, however are infrequently available through the office. An administration/transfer fee is payable to the Society on purchase.

Permit Options
Open to Carp Society members only. Will be issued annually from Summer 2007.


Langholme Lake is situated on the southern fringe of the Isle of Axholme, at the County border between North Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. Location is at Haxey in North Lincolnshire, just off the A161 and is close to the villages of Westwoodside and Misterton. The M180 motorway link is some 15 minutes away.

The lake itself is some 17.5 acres or so in size and is a rapidly maturing sandpit. It is several years old and has never been an angling venue until June 2001!

Excavation of sand finished around 1992/3 leaving the lake in its present form, however there have been sand pits on this site for the past sixty years or so. The lake is typical of many in the area, gin clear, weedy water with an abundance of natural food, the water quality being first class for holding and growing fish. Bordering the lake is Langholme Wood Nature Reserve to the South. To the North there is the Doncaster to Gainsborough Rail link and the Warping Drain, a seldom-fished land drain holding good stocks of Pike, Tench and Bream.

The Society holds a long-term lease with a large mineral company. At the end of the specified 10 year period there is an automatic renewal clause.

Stocks of fish have been provided from several sources including Horseshoe Lake, Carp Lake Daiwa, Woldview and Shotgate.

Initial stocking in July 2001 was some 50 Woldview bred fish and 6 Horseshoe twenties. Since then, many other fish have been added from Shotgate Lake and the Society's own water, Lake 61. Total original stocks were in excess of 210 doubles and in the order of 50 high singles which have now grown to a largest fish of 35lb 12oz in September 2006.

All our permits are available to Carp Society members only

Annual Permits
£195. 1 January 2007 - 31 December 2007.
Limited numbers.
Prospective permit holders should apply to the Society office, via email or telephone 01367 253959 for more details.

Permits are non-transferable.

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