Specimen Carp For Sale From Frontfish UK

I get many emails from clubs, syndicates and day ticket waters wanting to know if I can recommend suppliers of quality English carp. It’s quite amazing how big carp fishing has become, yet all we seem to read about is tackle, tactics and venues. Many of the country’s premier fish breeders simply don’t get the exposure they deserve, so it can be difficult for those looking to obtain stocks of quality carp to track them down.

Therefore, in this piece I thought I’d put on record some of my own experiences and recommendations, so that should you or your club, syndicate or day ticket water be looking to buy some of the best carp available in the country, you’ll know where to start your search!

When I started my first syndicate project back in 2007, one of the hardest parts was trying to decide which supplier to use. Buying farm-bred specimen carp can be a huge investment in both money and time, as when buying them at smaller weights you also need to care and nurture them to bring them up to specimen weights once in your lake. I spent months researching all the various suppliers of quality carp, speaking to them all in turn about exactly what they supplied and what we might expect in terms of growth once stocked.

I’m a bit anal when it comes to strains and, having spent much of my time fishing unspoilt estate lakes for true original Leney’s, I simply can’t abide by many of the characterless, scaleless, pellet eating dustbins that many clubs have jumped to stock over the last decade, thinking they were the Holy Grail in terms of specimen angling. For those who care more about the weight than the fish, then perhaps that’s the case, but for those of us who truly value the fish then it’s such a shame. If they had spent just a bit more time doing their homework, they would have found some of the most passionate fish breeders supplying the most amazing carp you’ve ever set your eyes on… 

From a commercial viewpoint, it makes sense, too. I could easily have stocked my lake with a load of fish which all looked exactly the same as each other just because they get big fast – but once they are in, what would make my water any different to the water just down the road stocked with the same fish?

Far better to ensure every fish stocked into your lake has looks to die for and is totally unique. This way, those fishing for them do all the work for you. The members on my syndicates are gobsmacked by the looks of the fish they are catching and, as a result, my waiting lists are as long as my arm – every time a picture of one of my fish gets posted on my forum I get a flurry of emails asking how they can join!

I’ve purchased farm-bred carp from a number of quality suppliers over the years, but have become so impressed with the fish and service from one supplier that I just keep going back time and time again. I first started dealing with Neil Fuzzard at Frontfish UK back in 2010 and, to be honest, was blown away with the fish he supplied – as were the members on my syndicate! From then, I’ve had fish off Neil every year since and, depending on the specific project, will buy anything from one summer old carp of about five inches long right up to six summer carp weighing in at over 20lb each!

No matter what the size, every single carp is an absolute peach, and their growth when introduced into a quality environment speaks for itself. Neil himself will bend over backwards to accommodate your needs and his service both before, during and after delivery has been the best I’ve ever experienced in the industry.

What I like best about Neil’s fish is the variation supplied. With many ‘scaly’ fish suppliers, the actual shape and frames of the fish are often all the same. Whilst each fish may have unique scaling, there is a risk that if they all have exactly the same frame and body shape they may start to look a bit ‘samey’ – this could not be said of Neil’s fish. The variation in frame, length, body shape and colour is absolutely amazing. The only thing the same with each of his fish is the high level of quality...

Many suppliers will only supply fish at certain weights, but again with Neil, he’ll happily deliver whatever sizes and quantities you are after and, as I say, I regularly have mixed batches with one, two, three, four, five and six summer year old fish.

You need to watch out for hidden charges, too. Many suppliers will have excess fees for small orders, hidden delivery charges and one thing and another, whereas with Neil the price he quotes you is the price you pay!

If you really want to create a special water for the future with a queue of anglers wanting to fish it, then you really don’t need to look any further. The feedback I’ve had since stocking Neil’s fish has been phenomenal, with many people saying they are the prettiest fish they’ve ever seen and, to be honest, I’d have to agree - every time I see one on the bank, I’m simply in awe.

For any with an interest, feel free to contact me on jules@anglersnet.co.uk to see images of all those I’ve stocked into my waters, which will give you an idea of the kind of fish you could expect to receive within all the different age groups.

I’ve got another seven hundred of Neil’s fish coming up in a couple of weeks’ time and I can’t wait – every time it’s like Christmas… they really are that good!

For information on prices and ordering, just contact Neil via: http://front-fish.co.uk . It won’t hurt to mention my name or that you’ve seen this piece on Anglers' Net – every little helps!

Julian Grattidge
April 2013

A Sample Of Some Of The Carp From Frontfish UK

Carp From Frontfish UK

Carp From Frontfish UK

Carp From Frontfish UK