What is a 'Stringer'?

The term ‘Stringer’ comes from the use of PVA string. Freebies are threaded on to PVA string using a Stringer Needle to form a Stringer. The Stringer is then attached to the hook before being cast out. The PVA string will then melt leaving a nice tight grouping of freebies around your Hookbait.

A Stringer is ideal for fishing at distance where getting freebies out accurately is a problem, or during the winter when small groups of freebies fished tightly around your Hookbait are far more productive.

Stringers, especially small ones consisting of a couple of freebies, can also help to prevent the Hooklink from tangling as they tend to swing clear of the mainline whilst in flight.

It is vitally important to leave gaps between each of the freebies on the PVA string as the PVA string shrinks and shrivels away as it melts causing the freebies to bunch together. A gap of about 10mm will prevent the freebies bunching together and will allow the PVA string to dissolve fully.

The thickness or number of strands that the PVA is made of will determine how quickly the PVA string will melt away. The thicker the PVA string, the longer it will take to melt away. The water temperature will also make a great difference to the melting time of the PVA string. The same thickness of PVA string the string would melt in under a minute during the summer, whereas in the winter it could take up to 10 minutes.

Tight lines,