Underwater Carp Feeding Footage

Underwater Carp Feeding Footage

Taken from the recent Bait-Tech DVD, the clips below were filmed at Sparsholt College (where they know a thing or two about fish!) and show how carp react to a range of baits placed in front of them.

Andy Neal is your narrator and the tanks at Sparsholt offer a crystal-clear view of the bait-munching machines in them!

If you want to get an understanding of how carp react to baits and free offerings, this type of clip is well worth a few minutes of your time and worth a dozen written carp fishing articles! All together, they don't take much more than ten minutes to watch, but could well help you to rethink how you fish.

The thing we like about these clips, also, is that although they were made by Bait-Tech and, obviously, they'd love for us to all rush out and buy their baits, they don't ram that fact down our throats. These clips are about the fish, not the baits!

There are lots of great underwater carp fishing clips on YouTube and it's great to see some of the bait and tackle companies producing them to such high quality.

We follow Bait-Tech on Facebook and they'll definitely be getting a bonus 'Like' for their effort here!