Underwater Carp Fishing Pop-Up Rig Footage

Underwater Carp Fishing Pop-Up Rig Footage

You know, the more I watch underwater pop-up rigs, the more I think I'd be better off putting my bait two inches UNDER the lake bed, rather than two inches above it!

The fact of the matter is, pop-up rigs do work on their day. They've accounted for far too many fish for that to be disputed.

However, it does seem that when it's not their day, or when they're not quite right, they are the very last thing a carp is interested in.

Take a look at the two YouTube clips below and you'll see what we mean. Even when there is competition for food, carp seem to have a way of ignoring baited hooks and concentrating on filtering the sediment on the bottom of the lake or river.

Underwater carp fishing footage certainly makes me think about what I'm doing. I'm now off to search for some different presentations on YouTube!

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