Vajazzle your pellets!

When carp fishing in winter, it never hurts to go the extra mile; adding a few extra tweaks here and there – especially if others are not – can make all the difference between a blank session or a memorable winter fish on the bank… we know which we’d rather have!

A great way to do this is to bump up the attractiveness of your bait, and by adding a few extra attractants and additives you can help a smaller amount of winter feed give off the same amount of food signals in the water column as a big bed of summer treats – think of it as a bit of a carp bait vajazzle!

By showing your bait off to the best of its ability, it’s much more likely to catch the attention of a passing fish… whether it’s hungry or not, and by adding some extra bling to your bait you’ll help to get it working more effectively.

In summer, all the goodies in your baits leak into the water much more quickly due to the higher water temperature, and in a very short amount of time will send a plume of feeding triggers into the surrounding water. However, in the winter the opposite happens; oils remain dense, and the leakage rates are slowed right down, so if we want to get a food signal out into the water, you have to give your bait a helping hand, and a great way of doing this is to add a winter coat to your pellets!

We all like to use pellets, whether catapulted, bagged or used in PVA Mesh, but only a fraction of anglers jazz them up to improve their effectiveness, and those who do often reap the rewards - so here’s a quick guide on how to boost your winter offerings!

Carp Tec Liquid Attractants from Dynamaite BaitsThe first thing you need is some liquid attractant, there’s loads to choose from but our advice would be to spend a few quid and get one from a company well known for producing good quality carp bait – they know what they’re doing and you can be assured it will have only the best feed inducing ingredients – rather than just a bit of colour and smell – in this instance we’ve picked out the Carp Tec Liquid Attractants from Dynamaite Baits, they’re packed with all the goodies required to put an instant hit of attractors into the water. You can see them by CLICKING HERE.

Adding them to your bait could not be easier. A day before your session, add some pellets to a bucket and then pour some of the liquid over and work it in. Give them a good mix so that all the pellets have a little bit of coating. Once done, put the lid on the bucket and that’s it – job done!

Over the coming hours the liquid will adhere into the coating of the pellet, so that once introduced to the water, they will immediately start to disperse into the water column, but importantly, because we gave them time to soak into the pellet a little, won’t wash off immediately, but rather will hang around for a while.

The pellets can be used in PVA Bags or PVA Mesh, and will be fully loaded with an extra boost of winter attractiveness… give it a try!