Bait Additives Don’t Have to ‘Costa’ Lot

We've had numerous discussions on our fishing forums over the years regarding supermarket baits and bait additives for fishing. You know the sort of things I mean; cheap, readily available bits and pieces that catch fish and can be obtained from Tescos.

Well, I spotted another such product the other day....and you get '5 for the price of 1' with this deal!

I was having a nice hot chocolate and egg muffin in great company at Costa Coffee when a visit to the counter for a top-up resulted in me catching sight of these out of the corner of my eye...

Costa Coffee Flavouring

Sold as a product to flavour your coffee, this pack of five 50ml bottles cost me just £5.95. At just over a quid a bottle, that's a good deal for so much maggot....err, I mean 'coffee' flavouring.

Crème Brulée, Gingerbread, Praline, Caramel and Roasted Hazelnut – these syrups should be perfect for maggots and even groundbaits. I know one guy, at least, who would probably add them to his boilie mixes (he's already published a Christmas dinner boilie recipe on his Home Made Boilies page on Facebook - )

So, if you fancy spicing up your baits and giving them a Christmas feel, pop along to Costa Coffee.

I bet you never thought you'd read that on a fishing website.

Tight lines!