‘Bag Up’ Tips for Big Chub

As most anglers already know, slugs are one of the best baits for big Chub. Trouble is, have you tried picking them up? Try using sand paper; this will save your hands from all that yucky slime! Keep the feed going in and the Chub will come on feed. Sometimes you have to be patient. Try the slacks and don’t ignore slack water where baits will fall out of the main flow. This is where Chub live and feed. Don’t be afraid to try a bigger bait. For example: when using paste; use up to half a golf ball. In some cases, mainly on cold spring days, chub will only use a small amount of their energy to find baits, so the bigger the bait the more chance of a catch.

It might be freezing but sometimes big Chub feed more on a regular basis, even in the coldest weather. Worms are fantastic for Chub and big Roach but sometimes it’s hard to dig just for a few hours fishing – you could always try our new ‘Earthy Worm’ Paste to save the hassle!

Tip supplied from: http://www.bagupbaits.co.uk