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Solar Tackle Belgium team member with a nice 40lber

Wesley Lagaert's incredible spring season shows no signs of slowing down!

Solar Tackle team member Julian Porquet bags a 55lber

This huge 55lb mirror has been landed by Solar Tackle team member Julien Porquet. The colossal carp resides in a huge, public water, which holds a low stock of fish and is a notoriously hard venue, an hour and half’s drive from Julien’s home in Calais, France. “I’ve been targeting this venue for a while

Baitwize tester Nick Parker with a lovely carp

48 hours for one of our bait Testers Nick Parker on the beautiful White Springs Fishery. This fine warrior was caught on a gravel bar four wraps out, using a single 15mm Baitwize RF1 boilie on a size 4 curve blowback rig with five freebees.. Unfortunately Nick lost 2 carp on his session and was

Overnight Hat Trick For Wes

An overnighter on the Integra syndicate lake has seen Solar Tackle Belgium team member Wesley Lagaert continue his spring charge landing three mirrors to 33lb+, taking his tally for the past few weeks alone to 6 thirties and 6 twenties. Targeting one particular area for the spring Wes has been regularly baiting up with Solar’s

Forgotten Carp by Darren Davies

Forgotten Carp Never stop pedalling to power your dreams. The early morning sun penetrated the silent mist which was creeping majestically across the still surface of the lake.  A patch of tiny bubbles fizzed over my baited area revealing the presence of a dawn feeding fish. I was alone on this secluded pretty venue which