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ANGLER’S MAIL magazine this week brings you the best of the early season river action. At £1.99 it’s the lowest price and your essential must-read! Exclusive popular columnists Steve Collett, John Bailey and Andy Browne are all on missions to start their new seasons and help you. Be sure to join them in the magazine. Discover

Latest issue of Carp-Talk

***AYE, AYE, SKIPPER!*** Carp-Talk 1180 features an extra 16 pages for the same price! Find your nearest stockist here: We lead with Norfolk’s biggest carp, a 55lb common called TLC, caught from Nunnery A Lake by Gavin Skipper. We’ve got a fifty from Holme Fen, another beast from Girton, and an awesome brace of

Fishing with bread pellets

Bread is one of those baits that has caused a lot of controversy over the years because although the fish absolutely love it, there isn't any real nutrition within the bread for them to eat bread only and stay healthy which is the reason that some fisheries have banned bread as a bait. If you

3FT Twitch owner Richard Easom goes carp fishing

I've not done much carp fishing in my angling lifetime, except I guess for jaunts to France fishing their highly commercialised venues. I must admit though, this doesn't inspire me as much as the wild, weedy nature that these big gravel pit waters are often accustomed to. After my dibacle last season start where I

The latest issue of Carp-Talk

***ENEMY AT THE LAKES!*** Carp-Talk 1179 features an extra 16 pages for the same price! Download now at, the App Store and all the usual places. We speak to the experts about the latest big threat to carp fishing, carp edema virus, which has accounted for hundreds of fish on the Walthamstow complex. We’ve