Badger Quad Pod

I have used the badger quad pod for around 4 months now, and how found it to be a very-well made and reliable pod for the price tag of just £49.99.

The pod is very lightweight and can be broken down to a tidy manageable, light piece of kit. Other features include it being taken apart to be used as a goalpost set-up.

The pod comes with 3-rod buzz bars and also has a very strong carry case, so it can easily be carried as a separate piece of kit.

At the cheaper end of the market this imitation X pod is great value, to be used as a pod or goalpost set-up. It is very stable and lightweight, with its only disadvantage being that it is made of aluminium not stainless steel, but this only means slightly weaker, and I find this pod to be unbreakable anyway!

Great piece of kit no-matter what the price tag!

Information on this product can be found at:

Nigel Weston
July 2004