Flavour’em Dissolving PVA Bags

The Flavour’em bags are new to coarse fishing and although aimed mainly at carp anglers, any modern day angler no matter what their quarry can use these fantastic bags. The bags are designed to work better than most normal PVA bags on the market; for example, at 10°c these bags are fully dissolved within just 2 minutes of landing in the water, reacting much faster than standard PVA and proving altogether better.

The bags have a great (and strong!) smell, flavour and colour. These bags smell that good, that any passing fish will find your hook bait just irresistible! The bags dissolve leaving a lovely smell and colour around your hookbait giving it the edge to other freebies. These also give a displacement in the water with bubbles, attracting any fish in the area.

The Flavour’em bags are Strawberry flavoured, and work well with all kinds of hookbaits, providing amazing results. The bags come in a range of sizes, and in the near future will be in a range of colours of flavours. The bags are a Must Have accessory for the modern day angler. To experience the results that I have, get your hands on these amazing bags and give them a go!

I have been using the bags with great success over recent months and only last week landed my new English personal best carp of 13lb 14oz using a flavour’em PVA bag.

More details are available at: www.flavourem.co.uk

Nige Weston