Shimano 8000 GTE Baitrunner Reels

These reels may be considered as at the top end of the market. With prices varying from where you look be sure to buy these excellent reels as close to £70 as you can find. These reels may seem expensive, but if used properly and looked after will last you a lifetime. These reels are very smooth and well balanced. They have the baitrunner facility and also have a rear drag. They come with a spare spool and usually 6 month warranty. I have had these reels for a long time now, and have caught specimens from both rivers and stillwaters, with no trouble at all.

These reel have been in production for many years with steady modification. They are in my opinion, the best reels on the market for the price tag. The only downside being the size of the spool. But with lines between 10lb and 19lb, a 100 yard cast should easily be done. Great all rounder that have pleased me and will do for many years great reel �" one of the best on the market!

Nigel Weston