Tsunami Lures

When I received a phone call from Suzanne at www.SeaFishingSupplies.co.uk regarding advertising Tsunami lures, I thought it was a wind up as the Asian disaster was still fresh in my mind.

It transpired that it wasn't a wind up but an unfortunate coincidence. I suppose the name Tsunami Lures was meant to go one better than Storm Lures, but due to the Boxing day disaster was a rather unfortunate choice of name but too late to change it.

I have 2 packs of the lures and they are very impressive looking and very competitively priced. I am waiting for the Rattling, goggle eyed shads to arrive, review next month.

The first are the 5" Swim Shads at 5 to a pack, price £4.25. These are weighted and have a holographic flash. They are chartreuse, light green, in colour and fitted with 5/0 Mustad Ultra point hooks.  A noticeable feature is the eyes, they have that 'General Kitchener, your country needs you' look, where they always seem to be looking at you. With a wide paddle tail and a deep body they have a very enticing movement and they do catch fish.

The second pack has what I would describe as 4" minnows at 6 to a pack. These are also weighted and holographic but are lighter, more slender and have black spots on a bronze body.

They have all the attributes of the shads, the eyes and the paddle tail and come with a Mustad Ultra Point 4/0 hook. Again a nice swimming action that catches fish and priced at £3.99.

The www.seafishingsupplies.co.uk website is well worth a look for VAT free bargains.

Norman Berry, Editor, Sea Angling News