Carp Rigs

Nash’s Neil Golden visits Weston Park

  You join me on a recent excursion to Weston Park in Staffordshire which is one of the RH Fisheries syndicates. The lake was created in 1812 and is flooded with history and some very recognisable  anglers have enjoyed the surroundings over the years.  RH Fisheries took the lake over in 1999 and it’s a

How to tie the Ronnie Rig

A rig that is getting quite a big following these days is the ‘Ronnie Rig’,  we aren’t quite sure who invented it but we do know that it is an extremely successful rig that catches a LOT of fish!!  The rig itself is designed to allow you to present a pop up which sits nice

Tangle-Free Carp Rig

Video guide to a simple, effective carp fishing rig

Double Hook Corn and Maggot Rig

Great for getting a winter bite!

Constructing the Sliding D-Rig

Carp fishing tips from Angling Lines - video instruction