How Do 'Ball Type' Line Clips Work?

The ball type line clips clip straight on to the rod blank and allow the line to run through them, but at the same time the indicators can be fished quite tight or heavy and close to the rod blank.

In my opinion, when fished with a light indicator, the sensitivity of the bite indication is greatly improved due to the shallower angle of the line either side of the indicator.
The ball type line clips are very easy to set up by clipping directly on to the rod and are available in a variety of colours and three sizes, 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm to accommodate most rod blanks.

With the line clips in position and with the indicator set at the correct level or line tension the line will pass freely through the line clips if line is taken. As soon as the extra tension is applied to the line when connecting with a fish the line will be freed by the clip and the fish is played as normal.

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