Colne Valley Tackle And Bait Ltd Roundup

Well, what a roundup we have for this time, a lot of pb's and even an uk 50lber. The 50lber was part of a red letter session for the promo member.

But before we get to the red letter session, we have a couple of customers that have sent in some of their fish landed on our products. 


Lucas was on the nutto for the first time, it started off with an 11lb 6oz mirror in the evening, then a wake up call of two rods bursting into life, a 21lb 2oz and a 12lb 4oz. Then later on the next day a 14lber on the nose.


Kyle wild smith was out after stocking up with some of our end tackle and curv size 4 Ronnie rigs, things were tough going but managed to land a new pb just over the 31lb mark


There was also a new pb for another customer Sean rackley, who was using our cym boilies and some of our end tackle, a stunning mirror tipping the scales at just over the 36lb mark


Stuart was back on his estate lake again and getting the net wet once again, on our ronnies and fruit zest multi coloured pop ups. He landed a high mid double old warrior of a mirror.


Margaret one of our female promo team was out in the nice weather and managed to get her first surface caught carp, using our oily floaters she tempted a stunning mirror over the net cord. 

Now the red letter day.......


Promo member paul aka mr nutto was fishing at cottingham in Kent with a few mates, he was fishing from Sunday till Wednesday and what a session he had. 8 fish in total and missed out on a 40lber but he had a 19lb, 20lb 16oz, 21lb 4oz, 22lb 14oz, 2 at 31lb 8oz, 36lb 2oz and his new pb and uk 50lber at 51lb 6oz. All his fish fell to our nutto boilie hence his new nickname of mr nutto, the end tackle he used were a size 6 wide gape, our 15lb snare hook link and all pinned down with one of our 3.5oz zip leads from our sister company Colne valley leads. Top angling by mr nutto but he had one that got away and was it that 40lber we will never know but with the 50lber coming after losing his only one of the trip certainly makes up for it.


On to some new product that we have in, to add to our alarms we have the cv1 in Camo plus the all new cv2 packed with loads of features from changeable light colours so you can have matching colours or a mixture. We also have a new Camo range of clothing coming soon to go with the all new polarised sunglasses in Camo rims or black rims with lense colour of yellow, brown and grey, plus we have over sunglasses for people with glasses with a starting price of £13.99 for them.