Halibut Pellets

Hi, I have just purchased some 22ml pellets that were pre-drilled, but the problem I have is that the drill hole is quite large, and I’m having problems keeping them attached to the hair with the normal stop, have you any ideas? Thanks, Carpmad

Hi Carpmad,

The easiest way to solve the problem would be to buy some bait punch foam from your local tackle shop. The foam inserts are circular in shape and usually cut in four or five centimetre lengths with various diameters available for different applications. There are two ways to present the foam dependant on the size of hole you are trying to fill. Firstly you could bung the hole in the pellet and thread the hair either through it or up the side of it, which should give a nice snug fit. Or, you could actually mount a thin core of foam onto the hair itself and then pull that through the pellet. With either method it may help to use a slightly longer length of bait stop then normal to ensure the stop can’t slip back through the hole on the cast.

The other alternative is to mount the pellet on the hook using a bait band. Baits bands are like mini-elastic bands, available from your local tackle shop. To mount the band on the hook; place the circular band on the tip of your forefinger and then place the back of the hook (shank) against the bait band and hold it in place with your thumb so that half of the bait band shows on each side of the shank. Then using a baiting needle (hook type); thread the needle through half of the bait band from behind, manoeuvre around the front of the hook, and then hook the other side of the band with the needle. Then pull that section back through the first half of the band you threaded the needle through and pull tight. Once tight you should be left with a nice loop which you can twist around so that it sits nicely off the back off the shank. You can place the pellet within the loop itself but I would favour using the band hair rig fashion, which, because you now have two lengths of band going through the pellet, should give a nice snug fit.

Hope this helps,

Julian Grattidge

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